I’ve been on an Ursula K. Le Guin journey 

As of late… what a simply expansive and subtle mind.

Reading her works have been a joy and a content pleasure. 

Human language; communication; emotional, intellectual, moral, and ethical possibilities– basically what it is to be human, what it could be, what it might’ve been is the ethereal element of her writing. Reading her works can be calming. 

Isolation, soltitude, vastness, the cold, resilience, uncertainty, unknown, and slightly above all, instincts. I erased the word ‘faith’ from the list because in Le Guin’s epic stories, it’s instincts– instincts of conscious, communicative beings- which are a mix of individuals’ intentions, stories, beliefs, wants, needs, ethics, etc., that allows them to circumnavigate faith– or see, blind faith. 

I don’t want to convey faith as this evil and negative force, but just that faith without instinctual guidance can be dangerous. The instinctual guidance is a tool, or even arguably an extension of the self- a self-knowledge, a foundation, a rock, a haven that can spur survival in unfathomable solutitude, loneliness, and isolation. Faith could lead to resignation and fear; fear of having the faith broken. Broken faith is devastating, but instincts, when pursued freely, can only be sharpened and made more acute, because it’s always a process and not a point or type of knowable finality/totality. 

In their unlimited, expansive possibilities, instincts free us and allow us to walk as equals with aloneness. 

Re: Musings from reading the writings of brilliant and legendary Ursula K. Le Guin ♥️ (The Left Hand of Darkness; Rocannon’s World; Planet of Exile; City of Ilusions

A nod a bow, a wink

Sunday night March

Ticks close to 11pm

Manhattan valley downtown C train. 110th street, or downtown A train- local 

Information in formation 


Going to 42nd street 

Sitting across meeting him, our eyes smiling, playing, looking,  hiding and seeking thoughts, gestures, smiles in unscripted conversation, observation 

Nighttime lullaby, rhythm of the New York City 

The chirping blossoms blomming in the New York City

The sweet meetings that’s so becoming of the New York City, sitting between, swifting, the so many stories of the New York City