It just took me 20 mins to wash my fruits. Is that normal or is that a pretty long time to be washing grapes? Am I not doing something right? Of course, I could just google how to wash vegetables instead of pondering about it yonder here, but then what is life if not complaining to yourself at the mildest discomfort and then giving yourself the ūüôĄ afterword. Well, it is, very obviously, much more than that, because Trump is president

Edit: 20 mins? worth it


Today was rather dreary, but it had a nice¬†high point:¬†Masterworks: Unpacking Fashion exhibition at The MET. The works spanned a¬†few centuries on Western fashion; mainly clothes, with a 20th century focus. When it comes to clothes, never have I seen such high design or quality in real life; or, if I have,¬†never together like this. (Yes, it was also my first time at the Costume Institute in MET). And: there were no glass casings around the dresses, which made the whole affair more intimate and inviting.¬†Looking at some of the clothes, I couldn’t help but want to try them on, or feel them out. i.e. see below

he one on right¬†is ethereal. It looks heavenly : the color, the shape, the flow, the translucent ¬†material. I would like to think I could wear it, but I think one¬†needs smaller breasts and height for it; but, unless I try it on, I won’t know, and until I do know, I am going to believe it would look great on me.

The dress on the left is simple enough. Definitely not as striking as its neighbor, but it has more of a fun and casual look to it. I can appreciate the translucent layers, especially around the neckline.

Normally, I don’t think I am attracted to¬†these styles, but today, something¬†pulled me to them. Continue reading “Today”


Non-Occidental cultures do not discriminate between the human and the inhuman. We invented the distinction, and we are in the process of erasing it. Not by crossing the line and reconciling the two; rather, the erasure operates in absentia, through technological undifferentiation.
– Jean Baudrillard, The Vital Illusion p. 24

sjg: with a cain


…but the main argument is that there is nothing to fear from biogenetical engineered cloning [or Artificial Intelligence, AI], because whatever happens, culture will continue to differentiate us… In fact, exactly the reverse is true. It is culture that clones us, and mental cloning anticipates any biological cloning.
ibid, p. 25

In relations between things there is always a hiatus, a distortion, a rift that precludes any reduction of the same to the same. That is even more true of human beings. We are never exactly present to ourselves, or others. Thus we are not exactly real for one another, nor are we quite real even to ourselves. And this radical alterity is our best chance- our best chance of attracting and being attracted to others, of seducing and being seduced. Put simply, our chance at life.
ibid, p. 71