Corinne Bailey Rae 

Every one of her songs is outstanding. The nuances and subtleties in her songs in regards to the intimate, joyful and/or monumental aspects of human life are truly unsurpassed in their ingenuity, and admirable consistency. From love to fatal misunderstandings in relationships to relationship with her mother, it’s as if she fully and honestly pours her soul into her music, and it is so visible, but lightly so. There’s a reason Prince was a fan.

Beyond the lyrics, the voice and range are on a whole plane of their own. This live recording is a testament. The scales she reaches.. phew… *disclaimer* I’m no musician or singer ** but I think I do recognize special talent, and the way she sings is it.

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Mark Grief’s Against Everything

Deserves all the praise it receives. The honesty and pointed writing is unsurpassed in anything I come across today; and what makes it that way is the book format.

In our age of so many news and literary outlets, which are are brilliant in their own rights, it is overwhelmingly easy to jump from one piece to another without fully appreciating its keen analysis and subtlety. I have read n+1 here and there, and if I had come across Mark Grief’s writing in that format, I’m not sure it would’ve struck me as forcefully as this compalition. That is definitely, most definitely, not to say anything against literary productions. Quite to the contrary, I’m stating how my reading habits of jumping around and absorbing as much as I can, can desensitize me to good writing, and worse, just make me a mere consumer of it. 

I have struggled for ages to write. I read and read and read, and it’s almost like a mild drug, where I get a high from reading these thought-provoking pieces, and so I keep searching for more. In the process I remain unable to sufficiently synthesize in a perhaps dialectic way. Writing is a great synthesizer. 

I yearn that I become a daily writer. 


This means the de-emphasis of sex and the denigration of youth will have to start with an act of willful revaluation. It will require preferring the values of adulthood: intellect over enthusiasm, autonomy over adventure, elegance over vitality, sophistication over innocence — and, perhaps, a pursuit of the confirmation or repetition of experience rather than experiences of novelty. -mark Grief, Against Everything p36 👌🏽

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The Frick Courtyard, earlier in the day

A special exhibition at MET Museun, Native American mask. ❤️


The primary reason diseases tend to run in families may be that diets tend to run in families. -gerger and stone, how not to die p. 12, 2015

walking back from Philosophy Works class through the Jackie Onassis reservoir (I believe) 

But one might question whether the grand scale vision of modernist design and it’s extraordinarily ambitious social agenda might also have left little place for the kind of design where women had made their mark. The modernist “universal man” and totalizing “functional” solutions swept away the detailed, nuanced, and faceted in design. -mozingo and jewell, Women in Landscape Architecture: essays on history and practice p. 3, 2013

Spicy tuna roll b/c it’s “Hindu” New Year 🎈and its local tradition to eat fish on that day 

Started Bifo’s another work 👌🏽and was drawn to the strong lines overlaying that intriguing picture